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SRF Lawyers Partnership (SRF) is a boutique firm engaged in law services for personal, family, institution, and corporate affairs with wide coverage areas of property, land, debt restructuring, lease, corporate reorganization (merger, acquisition, consolidation, spin-off) commercial agreements, labor,  shipping, trucking,  logistic, trading,  anti-thrust, agency-distributorship-licensing-franchising, retail, foreign & domestic investment,  and litigation (civil cases, criminal cases, bankruptcy cases, corporate cases, administrative cases, and arbitration).


SRF Partnership encompasses solicitors and attorneys with more than 20-year experience whose wide range of sharp and in-depth knowledge of complex Indonesian laws in order to provide the most effective solutions for commercial transactions and disputes. 


Our services are simple, strategic, responsive, effective, and uncompromising pursuit of solutions for our clients with down-to-earth approaches for problem-solving. SRF Partnership is committed to providing professional, personal and high-quality support and effective solution.


“Trust and Commitment” is our basic principle to be of your service for which we always take care of our services personally while at the same time driving our team to render comprehensive legal analysis. By doing so, we are expecting to building long-term relationships with your company for leveraging and maintaining its sustainability.

Indonesian Government has issued the Code No.11 of 2020 pertaining to Creation Job on Nov 2, 2020 which is the so-called “Ominibus Law”. This Omnibus law is aiming at reaching four (4) objectives:...

In the course of pandemic time, there are many corporations coming to bankrupt. This bad economic condition has been worsened due to COVID-19 is a massive and highly spreading disease ...