A. latest Experiences (2018-2020), among others

  1. Debt Restructuring, Representing PT. CBMP (7-grade-contractor) in dealing with construction payments (restructuring) made by 2 developers of Apartments in Tangerang and Bekasi.
  2. PKPU (suspension of payment), representing 2 creditors versus PT AI (Developer), Batam.
  3. Criminal case, representing PT EGP versus LM (individual) in respect of sale and purchase of solar, Jakarta.
  4. Bankruptcy, representing 3 creditors versus PT IKJ (Developer), Jakarta.
  5. Legal Opinion  in respect of Sale and Purchase of the Land, representing PT PQI versus PT EG, Jakarta.
  6. Criminal Case, representing PT LN versus group of professional thieves stealing.
  7. Beneficial Owner, rendering a consultation and legal advice to a PMA company engaging in electronic devices.
  8. Trademark Registration, representing PT. BMI, Jakarta
  9. Highrise dispute, representing an individual versus (SWF) PT. LXR, Jakarta
  10. Tort, representing PT. SMD versus individual owner, West Java in respect of late payment, South Jakarta District Court.
  11. Tort, representing PT.PMS versus PT MCK in respect of unlawful termination, Jakarta.
  12. Saving dispute, representing RP versus PT BMP in providing legal advice with respect to BMP’s internal case and liability of PT BMP for the saving, Jakarta.
  13. Tort, representing PT ISP versus individuals in respect of illegal sale over  approx. 2 Hectares land owned by PT ISP, Cibinong Jakarta District Court. and won IDR 102 billion.
  14. Trademark Registration, representing individual for registering a Indonesian steak restaurant (JJS), Jakarta.
  15. Asset Acquisition, arranging the transaction between Seller and Purchaser for the aggregate amount of IDR 150 billion with full compliance of the valid laws.
  16. Civil  Case, representing individual versus her spouse in respect of marriage dissolution and asset separation, North Jakarta District Court. 
  17. Civil Case, representing individual versus her spouse in respect of guardianship, KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission)-Jakarta.
  18. Criminal Case,  representing creditor versus debtor in respect of certificate forgery, Jakarta.
  19. Debt Restructuring, representing debtor versus PB with respect to financial obligation amounting to IDR 43 billion, Jakarta.
  20. Trademark Dispute, representing a fancy restaurant versus international restaurant with respect to retain certain marks on the Logo as special differences, Jakarta.

B. Past Experiences, among others:

  1. Acquisition of 60% shareholding ratio represented PT. CNMP whereby foreign shareholders sold their total shares in PT DRP to a local company and singapore company,  Jakarta.
  2. Vessel Sale and Purchase, reviewed vessel sale and purchase agreement for a shipping company of Sinarmas Group (Buyer) in dealing with a Panama Company (Seller), Jakarta.
  3. Distributorship, Agenship, Partnership and Franchising Agreements, represented KLG in reviewing and negotiating contractual agreements with many foreign business partners (TG Corporation, MAF Pte,Ltd, SP Co, SWAP Pte Ltd, NF Pte. Ltd, Ntz.S.P.A., AH, Ltd, Chateau D’Ax,  etc).  
  4. Drafting, Reviewing and Issuing Legal Opinions for Engineering Contracts, Machine Sale and Purchase Contracts, Goods Supply Contracts, represented KLG in reviewing and negotiating contractual agreements with many local and international companies in the Republic of Indonesia, among others; PT ABI, PT AP, PT ASW Manufacture, PT ASN AGR, PT AST GRPH, PT BAKR TEL, Tbk, PT Bank Mandiri, Tbk, PT Bank of Tokyo, Tbk, PT  Bank Muamalat, Tbk, CCC, PT HLCM IND , Tbk, PERSERO PGN, PT Pertamina-Jambi Merang, etc.
  5. Negotiation of the Incorporation of JV Co, represented KLG  in joint cooperation with Japan Company, Singapore (a wholly owned by Berkshire).
  6. Negotiation of IT Project (Retail), represented KLG for formulating the contents of the contract in respect of  the services of PT Accenture in accordance with the business mechanism of the retail company, Jakarta.
  7. Acquisition Plan of  KWTCI, represented PT AHI, Tbk,  for acquisition of BOT (Build Operate Transfer) Project which was suspended after LDD for further negotiation and compliant of relevant laws, Jakarta.
  8. Legal Review and Advice on the Acquisition Plan of four companies (1 group) at Setiabudi Group, represented PT WSSP (Buyer), Jakarta.
  9. Due diligence  over tender documents and requirement specified by the tender committee to be complied with by PT KLS in the projects, among others, Jambi Merang, PT Krakatau Steel, Tbk, PT Pusat Gas Negara and many other state-owned enterprises In Indonesia.
  10. Legal Opinions on Facility Credit Banking, represented PT HCI over credit facilities (including corporate banking revolving credit) provided by PT CIMB Niaga, Tbk, PT Bank Permata, Tbk, PT Bank Mandiri, Tbk and PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.
  11. Reviewing and Advising FMG in relaton to NDA, telecommunication agreements (dark fiber optic agreements, indefeasible right of use agreements, Sale and Delivery NAGRAvision Conditional Access Smart Card, lease agreements, Senior Secured Terms Facility Agreement, etc), share sale and purchase agreements, financial arranging agreements, lease agreements and others.
  12. Wrongful discharge of Cargo represented a shipping company of Sinarmas Group versus a Singapore private limited company at High Court of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.
  13. Trademark dispute (mediation) represented PT LSAI versus PT PI.
  14. Embezzlement and fraud, represented PT KLM versus vendor, Sukohardjo (Central Java).
  15. Damage on Delivery of Goods (mediation) represented PT KLS versus PT CMS, Bekasi.
  16. Infringement of Trademark, represented PT. AAI  Tbk versus some perpetrators of infringement of trademark owned by a retail company, Jambi-Cilegon-Depok.
  17. Tort, represented KLG  vs a retail domestic company in the court, Manado (North Sulawesi).
  18. Land Dispute, represented KLG Group versus a local resident in court,  District Court of Balikpapan (East Kalimantan).
  19. Criminal Charges Versus Bankruptcy, represented KLGroup versus SYSM, Yogya Police headquarter (Polda Yogya).  
  20. Land Boundaries Dispute (mediation), represented PT Ace Hardware Indonesia, Tbk  versus Cirebon Authorities in relation to the construction of local government office.
  21. Mediation of Electricity Dispute, represented a property company versus state-owned Electricity Company (PLN) at Bekasi.
  22. Suspension of Payment (PKPU), represented PT CSB versus creditors,  Commercial Court of Jakarta (Jakarta).