Steven Wiratno, S.E., mba, S.H., M.H., CLA (Partner)



In 1991 he completed his bachelor degree from Economic Faculty of Atmajaya University.  Having a great deal of interest of Law matters, he took his bachelor at law from University of Bung Karno (Jakarta) in 2012 and continued the Master of Law majoring in criminal subject at University of Bayangkara (Jakarta) in 2014 while at the same time passed the bar examination  from the Indonesian Advocate Association (Peradi) to be admitted for practice in Indonesia. He has been a member of Indonesian Receiver and Administrator Association (AKPI) since 2019. 


He has vast and extensive experience in banking as well as business managerial issues. In addition to the foregoing, he holds a certification of legal auditor and had handled various civil and criminal cases in court. Accordingly, he is well-capable of rendering legal advices and handling legal cases in corporate, state-owned enterprises,  banking, capital market, investment, consumer claims and criminal cases. 


Languange: Indonesia, English

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Dr. Risza Fransiscus, S.H., M.M., CCA



He has held prominent legal roles within Indonesian conglomerates, acquiring significant expertise. Consequently, he is well-versed in handling distinctive and challenging commercial contracts, strategic deals, negotiations, and intricate legal scenarios. He has adeptly settled a multitude of legal issues, both judicially and extrajudicially. Possessing considerable experience as a skilled legal advisor and attorney, he offers legal guidance and manages litigation processes. His legal proficiency spans trading, investment, finance, banking, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, intellectual property, partnerships, debt reorganization, project financing, maritime transport, logistics, labor relations, storage, consumer complaints, retail, compliance, securities, insolvency, and domestic relations (civil and administrative). Additionally, he has been a member of the Indonesian Receivers and Administrators Association (AKPI) since 2016 and holds a Customs Advisor certification (CCA).


He completed his studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in February 2001. To enhance his understanding of business and corporate strategy from a legal perspective, he earned a Postgraduate degree (Cum Laude) with a concentration in Strategic Management from the University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta, in 2014, and completed his Doctoral Law degree (Magna Cum Laude) at the University of Pelita Harapan. He is registered as a member of various professional organizations including Peradi, AAI, AKPI, and IKHAPI (Indonesian Tax Bar Association).


Language: Indonesia and English



Frinco Manota Panggabean, S.H. (Partner)



Graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Satya Wacana (USW) in 1999 and Obtained his advocate license in 2002. He has had vast legal experiences in conglomerate companies for litigation and permit-license. His expertise is in dealing with family disputes, labor cases, land procurement, permits and licenses for setting up a new company, joint venture company, business licenses as well as industrial property rights registrations, and their dispute settlements. Having a wide-legal network, he has been more than able to explore and solve any legal exposures in the personal and corporate's problems in order to obtain effective solutions.


Language: Indonesia, English



Yakobus Eko Adrianto, S.H. (Partner)



Graduated from Faculty of Law, university of Trisaksi (USAKTI) in 1997 and he has been an advocate since 1999 and member of AAI (Indonesian Advocate Association). Prior joining SRF, he had handled various civil cases, land disputes, labor cases, family cases, corporate and commercial litigation including IPR cases.  In addition to lots of his litigation experiences, he also had explored and developed his skill and expertise by attending various trainings and collaborating with senior lawyers in resolving various cases in the most effective ways.

Language: Indonesian, English







Kasmir, S.H.

Daniel Laurence Berhitoe, S.H.

Perwira PP Simangunsong, S.H.

Andrian Fauzi.S, S.H.

Thifa Shalsa Billa (internship)

Handayani (assistant)